Make more money with a follow-up email & PDFs

So the ImageCenter session is over and you’re thinking about how you can get the client to take the next step with you. Maybe this is a paying client or perhaps you just did a free Intro group with the idea of funneling them into a coaching series. Where do you go from here?

The most important thing is to write some kind of follow-up email or combine it with a phone call. Ideally you will give the person something that will be perceived as having value.

The ImageCenter provides you with a way to give your clients a ‘gift’ without spending any money. Each client session is saved for you in the “Look At Participants’ Past Work” section of the Facilitator Center.

Printing images and saving PDFs is easy

You have the ability to print and save these sessions as PDF files. Sending your clients a follow-up email with an attached PDF of their session gives you a great reason for contacting them. Suggest that they print out the image they created and put it in a place they can easily see it. It is very common for people to experience more insights while looking at the image over the following weeks and months. You might also suggest that they do some journaling around their image.

Creating PDFs on Windows

If you are using Microsoft Windows, this is a free piece of software you can install on your PC to easily create PDFs on your Windows machine.  It works on any version from Windows 98 onward. This is a widely used tool, and we have it from a reliable source, a good one.

Go to CutePDF Writer to download it.

Please let us know how this works for you. Thanks

Make them a special offer

Now that you have their attention, also include a special offer for your services. Keep the offer simple and straightforward. Ideally you will provide a link in the email that goes to a special sales page on your website, so that the email remains clutter-free.

Some special offers you might make are:

  • $100 off a series of four sessions
  • Buy six sessions and the seventh is free
  • Buy three sessions and receive an additional half hour session free
  • Discount on an upcoming class or series

Use this framework and make it your own

There are all sorts of variations to this theme. Do what makes the most sense for your business. Remember to put an offer expiration date in the email. Anywhere from 3-7 days is good. If you choose a longer period like 7 days make sure to send a reminder the day before your offer expires, as most people will appreciate this.

Thanks to VizPeep Karen Bummele for the idea!

Share your ideas

Your feedback on this marketing idea would be of great value to the VizPeeps Community. Did you use the idea? What happened? What are some variations that might work? What worked and what didn’t?