VisualsSpeak Core Icebreaker Process

If you are stuck on which icebreaker to choose, the VisualsSpeak Core Icebreakers are time-tested, yielding consistently good results. These activities follow the same five-step process, with debriefing questions to maximize effectiveness.

You will find the Core Icebreakers at the beginning of each section (Making Introductions, Building Trust, etc).

In each section, you will find several prompts to use in the VisualsSpeak Core Icebreaker process. This process is as follows:

Choose a prompt. This may seem like a quick and obvious step, but actually, it is by far the most important. A well-formed and well-chosen prompt will reveal insights; a poorly-selected one will fizzle.

State the prompt and give participants 30 seconds to select an image. Although this often feels (to both facilitator and participants) like a short time, that duration is critical. Participants will select images more viscerally and instinctively, which (perhaps counter-intuitively) sparks a greater connection to the image chosen.

Participants share about their response with the larger group.

Debrief. There are a set of known, time-tested debriefing questions that work effectively with the Core Icebreaker process. Those are listed below. Feel free to embellish this list with other effective questions appropriate to your meeting, training, or facilitation.

  • What was the process like for you?
  • What did you notice?
  • Was there anything interesting or surprising?
  • Do you have any new insights?
  • Did you notice any patterns or trends?
  • Does anyone want to add anything else?

The Visual Icebreaker is also available in a printed version