Overview DGL

There are many factors that contribute to strong leaders. In the Developing Great Leaders approach, we have focused on six areas that we have found to be the most helpful for increased performance:

  • Transition to Leadership
  • Inward Leadership
  • Project Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Interpersonal Leadership

In the following pages, these six focus areas are described in some detail, along with some specific skills or behaviors that are key to each. The additional discussion provided is intended not only to provide some background, but also to help you determine which areas are most appropriate for your participants and, thus, most appropriate for your session(s).

Start with the area that most closely matches the outcome you hope to get out of your session. What do you think the participants need most? Of course, all the areas are important, and all may need attention.

Often in the rush to get things done, new leaders start with trying to understand the mechanics of their job: what they are supposed to do. They are given a new job description. Figuring out the mechanics of a leadership position is important, but without strengths in the six focus areas, it is difficult to be successful.

All of these elements interrelate. You may begin working on one of them when it becomes obvious that another area is affecting or hiding beneath the one you started with. The VisualsSpeak process will help you uncover a lot more information about the participants as the process unfolds. You can use this new knowledge to shift the design as you go, or to inform additional sessions and plans in the future.

Go here for information about assessing your participants.