Leadership Self-Assessment Survey

Have your participants take the Leadership Self-Assessment Survey to help you determine which area(s) of leadership development you should focus on.

Participant instructions are on the survey itself; they respond to each statement with a number indicating how often that statement is true for them. At the end of each section, participants tally the totals, and then on the second page, they transfer their tallies to one central location.

Each section corresponds to one of the Developing Great Leaders focus areas. Those areas where the totals are the highest are the areas that are likely to require the most development.

The initials for each section of the survey indicate which focus area they correspond with:

  • TTL      Transition to Leadership
  • IL          Inward Leadership
  • PL         Project Leadership
  • TL         Team Leadership
  • OL        Organizational Leadership
  • INL      Interpersonal Leadership

Download the Leadership Self-Assessment Survey [Add Link]

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