Understanding what we are doing together

Teams form for a purpose. Each person brings a set of skills and experiences to the tasks of the group. Understanding why everyone is there and what they are responsible for allows the group to align and move in a productive direction.

Take a look at the Understanding what we are doing together Sample Agenda.

Part of the goal here is to make sure everyone has the same understanding of what the team is doing, how individual members contribute, and where responsibility lies. There are a lot of individual parts; some people will want to focus on the small pieces, while others will want a big-picture overview.

One question on participants’ minds may be,  “How can we make this work best?”

Focus on this area when:

  • Clarifying skills and roles
  • Working with strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting clear expectations and accountability
  • Aligning goals


Building Great Teams is also available in a printed version.