Enhancing Communication

Once team members get to know each other a bit, they need to learn how to effectively communicate with each other. There are many kinds of differences on teams that have the potential to create challenges. Many of these can be improved through effective communication processes combined with good listening skills.

Take a look at the Enhancing Communication Sample Agenda.

How members respond when faced with differences has a huge effect on team performance. Listening to one another with an open mind, being willing to consider what the other is saying, and responding with respect are interpersonal skills. Team members will have differing levels of competence and familiarity with these skills.

Using the natural curiosity many people have about photos as well as the focus they provide, the VisualsSpeak process itself offers a lot of support for fostering curiosity and listening. Having conversations directed at the differences in, or interpretations of, photographs is much easier than conversations directed at an individual. It is naturally more supportive and reduces the tension around talking about the patterns and styles individuals find difficult.

One question on participants’ minds may be, “Can we get along?”

Focus on this area when:

  • Learning to greet difference with curiosity
  • Increasing listening skills
  • Sharing information better


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