Embracing Transitions and Change

Teams experience continual change. This can be team members coming and going, projects beginning and finishing, as well as organization-wide strategic direction shifts. Change is easier for some people than others, so getting those differences on the table helps teams see what needs to be done to support the whole.

Take a look at the Embracing Transitions and Change Sample Agenda.

You can help your team with a transition or change by addressing it directly. By allowing people to share their feelings about the change, you will help them to embrace it and move on to the next phase. Teams get in trouble when they don’t acknowledge whatever transition has occurred, because the unspoken feelings remain and may act as a barrier to forward momentum.

One question on participants’ minds may be,  “What’s going to happen now?”

Focus on this area when:

  • Creating rituals for welcoming and ending
  • Learning from experiences
  • Celebrating success


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