Developing Trust

Trust between team members is critical for performance. Trust is a value that many people share, but how they demonstrate it and when they offer it varies widely. Even if people say they trust each other in general, there are often conditions where that trust can erode and become an unspoken barrier that affects the team.

Take a look at the Developing Trust Sample Agenda.

When listening to people talk about trust, be particularly aware of the behaviors they identify as demonstrating trust. This is a fundamental place where misunderstandings occur. Most people value trust, but the behaviors they use to show it can be different and even opposite. In addition, some people show trust differently depending on where they are. What they do at home or with family may not be what they do at work. Identifying and talking about the implications of these behaviors is the first step toward discovering acceptable ways to deal with differences.

Questions on participants’ minds may be similar to “Who are you?” or “Can I trust you?”

Focus on this area when:

  • Encouraging respect
  • Defining integrity
  • Reinforcing honesty


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