Michele Martin #1- Career Change

We all have stories we tell over and over. Stories about who we are, what we do, what has happened. Some of these are more helpful to us than others, and some are more helpful in particular contexts. Sometimes we get stuck, and it’s hard to see what to do next.

Images are particularly helpful in getting unstuck. When we respond verbally to visual inputs we can often see things in new ways.

Feeling stuck mid-career

Michele Martin is a consultant who works in the workforce development and career counseling areas. Just before the end of the year we did an Insight Session using VisualsSpeak’s new online ImageCenter. She agreed to having the session recorded and shared here.

The first thing I did was to ask her about where she is and about her feeling stuck. Here is the conversation we had about her situation (just under 5 minutes.)

Exploring with images

I asked Michele to log in to our online ImageCenter, where she was able to select images in response to the question I selected for her:

What is my ideal work?

She created the image below in less than 5 minutes.

Next, I asked her to tell me the story of her images. Here is the beginning of the conversation where we talked about the style of work she likes to do (just over 5 minutes.)

In the next part of the conversation, I guide Michele back to the images. We go back and forth between talking about and looking at the images. Several insights emerged from the 16 minutes.

Starting to make changes

Insights can be helpful, but taking action as a result of the insights is what begins to get us unstuck. In the last 10 minutes of the session, we worked to make a plan to start shifting the work Michele is doing.

Images spark different things than words

This process isn’t about giving up words, not at all. It’s just utilizing the ability of images to add different kinds of information to the mix. It offers the potential to quickly get underneath some of the thoughts that are holding us back.

Permission to use this story

Whenever I do an Insight Session, it is with the understanding that whatever is said is confidential. Michele gave me permission to write about her story, otherwise I would not have been able to share it. Thanks, Michele!