Cate Brubaker- Offer to customer

Cate Brubaker is an intercultural consultant who was looking to get clear about a new service to offer to her clients. She had been struggling with creating an offer for people who travel and come home and struggle to reintegrate it into home life.

What am I offering?

There were three things she hoped to get out of her session.

  1. How to express what she has to offer
  2. What people will get out of working with her
  3. Why they would want to

Creating an image

I asked Cate to select images in response to the question:

What are you offering to your people?

This is what she created

You can watch a half hour video of the session and listen to the conversation about her image. I recorded my view as the facilitator, so you can see what it looks like when you are doing a session with a client over the phone.

What happened as a result of the session?

The next day, Cate was able to write a sales page for her new offer in a couple of hours. She sent this lovely testimonial

Christine recently led me through a session using the new ImageCenter because I wanted to offer a new service but was struggling to articulate it enough to write a concise sale page. In less than 45 minutes I had a much better understanding of the “heart” of my new service. Listening to the recording of my session then helped me identify key words that had come up in our discussion. Within an hour I’d written the bulk of my sales page (it typically takes much, much longer than that). Spending 45 minutes with VisualsSpeak (and Christine) not only brought me increased clarity, it saved me valuable time. I’m officially in love with the Image Center.

She wrote a fabulous page on her website for Exploring Travel Stories

Permission to use this story

Whenever I do an Insight Session, it is with the understanding that whatever is said is confidential. Cate gave me permission to write about her story, otherwise I would not have been able to share it. Thanks, Cate!

Do you have a place that needs some clarity?

I offer Insight Sessions to help you get clear about where ever it is you are feeling stuck. The brain processes visuals differently, so its a great way to get unstuck about the places where you can’t seem to get clear.