Starting the Conversation

In the first part of this stage, you give instructions to the participants and share the opening prompt you have selected. The participants then select and arrange their images in front of them in response to the prompt.

In this stage of the process, you are starting to get people talking or thinking about the topic, and surfacing stories. It is a stage where you are increasing the information. The goal is to generate a lot of conversation or ideas that are different than the day-to-day types of stories the participants are used to hearing. Most of the exploration at this stage is getting as much information as possible from an individual. The questions are used to probe for more detail to explore what is sparked by the ideas shared.

As the facilitator at this stage, ask questions of the participants that expand the conversation.

Suggestions include:

  • Can you tell me more?
  • What did you notice?
  • What else does it mean?
  • What values are showing here?
  • What is your reaction to seeing/hearing this?
  • How did you/we get here?
  • What else do you know?
  • How do I/we contribute?
  • What is your initial response?
  • What stood out?
  • What’s another way to say this?
  • Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • What else do you know?
  • What else might you hope to give or receive?
  • What part is the most rewarding?
  • What elements can we work with?
  • What did you hear that is interesting?