Narrowing the Conversation

In this stage, you are asking participants to begin making choices, focusing the conversation and deciding how to move forward. This can happen through conversation, or you can use other sorting methods like sticky notes or index cards.

As the facilitator at this stage, ask questions of the participants that help gather the information from the conversation and think critically about it.

Suggestions include:

  • What are the steps?
  • What is the new story?
  • What do we want?
  • What is the priority?
  • What pieces are missing?
  • What are we choosing?
  • What is the most important piece?
  • What are the key points?
  • What can we do to be more effective?
  • What is most important?
  • Can we live with our choices?
  • What are the consequences?
  • What factors influence our next steps?
  • Where can we find alignment?
  • What can help us focus?