Deepening The Conversation

In this stage, you are asking participants to reflect on what they have heard. This may be unfamiliar to many people. Often, there is a tendency to want to jump right into finding a solution or focusing on a problem. Encourage the participants to hold back and allow the conversation to develop and the ideas to influence each other.

As the facilitator at this stage, ask questions of the participants that help them listen deeply and begin to see what can emerge from combinations of ideas within the group.

Suggestions include:

  • Did I understand?
  • What’s an example?
  • Is there another way to look at it?
  • What else might this mean?
  • Is there tension?
  • What pieces are missing?
  • What have you learned that could contribute to the conversation?
  • What questions does this raise?
  • How does this remind you of something you already know?
  • What are the crossroads?
  • What else could this look like?
  • What else does this remind you of?
  • What else do you see?
  • What’s the possible impact?
  • What ideas naturally go together?
  • What ideas seem far apart?
  • Where can we build bridges?