Case Studies

With so many people using the VisualsSpeak tools around the world, the stories are quite diverse. On this page, we’re going to try to collect some of them and share them. If you’re looking for ideas, want to see how others have tackled challenges with VisualsSpeak, or just want some light reading, this is the page for you!

Intercultural Institute

Several years ago, some of the faculty at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication decided to shake up one of their week-long offerings. They were looking for greater engagement and a deeper connection to the participants. Read how they used VisualsSpeak tools to help achieve those goals.

Facilitating Difficult Change

After the Housing Authority of Portland, Oregon (HAP), had gone through several downsizings, they decided it was time to shift direction. As they pieced together the new direction, though, they faced a tough task: bringing the whole team–who had been hanging on through tough times–along with the change. See how HAP incorporated VisualsSpeak tools to make that happen.

Have a story of your own? Contact us! Our info is at the bottom of the page. You don’t even have to write it; we’ll interview you and write the case study. You just get the credit!

Case Study Webinars

Here are some example cases where VisualsSpeak tools were used to build organizational teams, and also where they were used to manage an extensive and disruptive change process. This clip is approximately eight minutes:

Here are some example cases where VisualsSpeak tools were used to address corporate conflict, and also where they were used to build a strategic vision. This clip is approximately six minutes: