Dialing in the prompt

Getting the prompt or question selected for the individual or group is a key to moving your sessions from good to great. Particularly when working with groups, you may be able to offer variants of a prompt, so individuals can find the version that feels right to them.

You’re looking for a prompt that people are interested in, but stretch them a bit. It shouldn’t feel totally comfortable or they may just tell you things they already know. If it’s out of their range of understanding at the moment and pushes them too hard, they can get distracted by tying to think to much, or they can emotionally shut down and just not engage with the activity.

The goal is to meet them where they are and send them toward where they want to go.

Changing one word can change the engagement.

In the class I used the question :

What do I have to offer?

It was framed in terms of work or businesses. The class includes people who are just getting started with a new business, as well as those who have been in business for a long time. Some know what they are offering, others are still determining or are shifting their focus. To accommodate that kind of range of situations, I asked people to select a variation that most closely matched where they felt they are.

  • What do I have to offer? (for those who are looking to define for a specific audience)
  • What can I offer? (for those who don’t know yet)
  • What might I have to offer? (for those who have some ideas)
  • What will I offer? (for those who are refining)

The ImageCenter only allows one prompt in a group session, so pick the variant that is most generalizable, and ask people to make the individual adjustment in their minds or to write it down for themselves.