Content versus Method

The content you are offering is different than the method you are using to deliver it.


Your content will vary depending on your expertise, and what you are being asked to do. It can be as concrete as teaching someone to use Microsoft Word’s pivot tables or as abstract as helping someone get clear. Other examples of content are:

  • How to write a marketing plan
  • Identifying your direction
  • Finding your best career path
  • Building trust on a team


The method is what you use to deliver the content. You select the method to be aligned with the purpose of the content you are conveying. Some examples of methods are:

  • Lecture
  • Small group discussion
  • Question & Answer
  • Frame Games
  • Jigsaw learning
  • VisualsSpeak

VisualsSpeak is primarily a method

VisualsSpeak tools are a method for transforming conversations. They can be applied to a wide range of content. You use this method to deepen engagement with the content of your desired outcome.

When I train you, VisualsSpeak becomes the content and the method.