Class 2: VisualsSpeak Method

Here is the link to the unedited Anymeeting recording

Here is a pdf of the slides.

This is not a transcript. I add notes and thoughts related to the class content. It is intended to supplement the class video.

Content versus Method

Facilitation Overview


There are lots of things that can and will go wrong when working over technology. One way you can mitigate the problems is to plan for them. I’ve been in paid classes where multiple technologies have failed, but the class did not because of the way the leader responded.

Although it is really hard to stay calm when the tech starts having problems, it helps not to panic. Troubleshooting works best when executed in a logical manner. It’s not time for random button pushing (this is for you, Tom Tiernan.)

As much as we want it to be intuitive, technology is literal and linear. I think of it as cross-cultural communication. We need to learn how it communicates and at least meet it halfway. With the ImageCenter, we are continuously developing new features, responding to your feedback, and striving to make it as easy as possible.

How the ImageCenter works

Here are a few things to consider.

The ImageCenter lives on a server at our webhost. Sometimes they have problems, or someone else on our same server gets a huge rush of traffic. There is nothing we can do about these issues. We can check to see if there are reported issues on that system.

The performance of the ImageCenter is affected by the speed of the internet connections between all the participants. We do see slight delays when working internationally. If your connection or your participants connections are slow, the ImageCenter can’t respond to make up for that.

The less the computer has to do, the better the ImageCenter works.

  • Close all extra programs and tabs.
  • Refresh your screen.
  • Hold down the shift key while refreshing the screen to clear the cache
  • Restart your computer before a session.

These suggestions can often help if you run into problems in a session also.

Requests and Reports

We welcome your ideas for improvements. We have a long list of features to add, so do understand it may take a while to see it in the ImageCenter. It depends on the feature, sometimes it’s simple and easily added.

Please report any technical issues you have when running a session. Aaron is our Chief Operating Officer; he developed the system, and takes care the technical side of it. Send reports to him at aaron @ visualsspeak.coom He appreciates it if you can tell him what platform (Mac or PC)  the problems occurred on and what browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc.) If you can tell him the version of the browser (IE8, Firefox 3.5.2), it makes him even happier.