Starting to facilitate

After you select Facilitate A Live Session, you are brought to a window where you can watch people check in. Participants need to login to their account on the ImageCenter, where they will have a message to Begin/Resume An Activity.

At this point, you are seeing something different than they are. The facilitator has a list of participant names that indicates check in status, with a link below it that says Observe the Activity

This is what the participants see.

I usually tell them how to move the images, even though it is written here. The other thing I mention is that if they forgot the directions it will be written in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.

Other things you might mention are the countdown timer at the bottom of their canvas, and the I’m done button at the top right. While you will be able to see each participants canvas and images, you will not be able to see these three things, and they are the ones you may be asked about.

Working with multiple participants

On the facilitator side, you will see a count up timer that will tell you how long it has been since you clicked the Observe the Activity link. It’s just so you have a sense, it is not correlated to the participants timers. Each one of them has a count down timer that tell them how much time they have left (they have 6 minutes total- which is important to prevent them from going into an analysis or design process.)