Introduction to ImageCenter Facilitation

This is the foundation of information that will help you run effective ImageCenter sessions. I highly encourage you to make this an experiential process; the only way you really learn this method is by doing it. So practice is key.

Content Overview

Here is a mindmap of what will be covered in the course.

Some of the topics, like technology, will be woven throughout the course.

For those who are more linear and structured

I recognize my visual approach may be challenging. I draw my ideas out first, then start to use visual organizing tools like mindmapping and sticky notes. The linear structure emerges over time.

I also invite your linearness to help create a resource that works for a wide range of communication styles. If there are things I can do or suggestions you have, do let me know.

Class Sessions

Class 1 : Getting Started

Class 2: VisualsSpeak Method

Class 3: Visual Clues and Prompts

Class 4: Visual Tools and Decks

System Requirements

The ImageCenter runs on FirefoxChrome or Safari browsers.