Class 4: Working With Groups

Link to the Unedited video of the beginning of class

My headset got tangled and pulled the phone off the table and disconnected the call. So we recorded the rest of the class without sound. Not good. So, Shamille will have yet another opportunity to be the audience for my wisdom. She’s going to be the best educated cat on the planet at this rate.

I’m thinking one way to have avoided this, is to have a second person dialed in to the admin number. So, if Tom dials in as an admin, rather than a participant from another line, it probably would have kept recording while I dialed back in. We are certainly learning about the myriad of things that can go wrong.

It was a great conversation. Too bad it was not to be in the recorded form.


Rosabeth Moss Kanter in Harvard Business Review Nine Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with the Disgruntled.