How to Redeem Uses

This is the page that will show you how to redeem your Uses.

You may have gotten Uses by:

  • Attending a demo
  • Purchasing them in the shopping cart
  • Winning a prize
  • Receiving a great gift from a friend

No matter how you got them, this brief tutorial will teach you how to redeem them, so you can start using the ImageCenter!

1) Log-in to your ImageCenter account

Use this link to go to the ImageCenter Log-in page

Click here if you need help learning about how to log-in.

2) If your home page doesn’t show the “Facilitator Center”

After logging-in, if your page looks like this, click on “Turn on facilitator options”

Your screen should now look like this


3) Click on “Set Up a New Session”


4) Click on “Redeem Code”


5) Enter Use code(s)

  • Enter your Use code(s) in the box
  • Click on “Redeem Codes”


6) You are returned to the “Set Up a Session” page

Notice at the top of the page the system tells you how many Uses you have remaining. This way you will always know how many sessions you can have before purchasing more Uses!