How to Activate Your ImageCenter Account

You just signed up to become a VizPeep Community member and you are wondering how to activate your ImageCenter facilitator account. This is the tutorial you need to do this.

Check your email for a message from VisualsSpeak that says ‘ImageCenter: Your Subscription Key Code’. You will need this to activate your account.


1) Log-in to your ImageCenter account

Use this link to go to the ImageCenter Log-in page

2) If your home page doesn’t show the “Facilitator Center”

After logging-in, if your page looks like this, click on “Turn on facilitator options”

Your screen should now look like this

3) Click on “Set Up a New Session”

4) Click on “Redeem Code”

(Once you have activated your account, you won’t see this page again)

5) Enter Activation code

Refer to the email ‘ImageCenter: Your Subscription Key Code’

Copy your Use code from the email

  • Paste your Use code in the box “Enter Key Codes to Redeem”
  • Click on “Redeem Codes”

That’s it. Your account has been activated and you are ready to go.

Welcome to the community!

Practice Sessions

Don’t forget to sign up for free one-on-one Practice Sessions, where a VisualsSpeak staff member will answer your questions and teach you how to use the ImageCenter.