Create a Solo Session for Yourself

In this tutorial, we’re going to set-up a Solo Session so that you can do an exercise for yourself. Solo Sessions are exercises which are done by someone on their own and not Live with a facilitator present.

Creating Solo Sessions for your own use are great when you want to:

  • Practice using the ImageCenter
  • Understand the participant experience of using the ImageCenter
  • Want to do your own personal growth work

Once you set up a few Solo Sessions, you will be able to do this in a minute or two!

Do you need to purchase or redeem some uses?

If you don’t have a membership with unlimited use, you may need to purchase or redeem some Uses before setting up a Solo Session.

For help on how to redeem Uses

See the tutorial on how to redeem Uses

How to set-up a Solo Session for your own use

1) Log-in to your ImageCenter account

Use this link to go to the ImageCenter Log-in page

Need help logging-in?

Click here If you need help learning about how to log-in.

Forget your Username or Password?

Use this link if you want help getting your Username or Password.


2) Click on “Set Up a New Session”


If your home page doesn’t show the “Facilitator Center”

  • Click on “Turn on facilitator options”

Now click on “Set Up a New Session”


3) How the next page will appear depends on being a Member or Non-Member

If you are an ImageCenter Member (with unlimited use), your screen will look like this.


If you are not an ImageCenter member and purchase individual Uses or have received complimentary Uses, your screen will look like this.

  • Select “I Have Enough. Let’s Go!”


4) Will this activity be live and simultaneous?

  • Select “No”
  • Click on “Select Participants”


5) Who will be participating in the session?

  • Select your own name from the list. Last names (Family names) appear first and then the person’s first name is second.
  • Click on “Arrange Some Final Details”



6) Arrange Some Final Details

This is the page where you will:

  • Select your image deck
  • Select which prompt you want to use or create your own  (A prompt is the question or statement that begins and is the focus of the discussion
  • Finish setting up your session

A) Select your image deck

Image decks are collections of photographs and/or paintings that you will be using to respond to the prompt. We encourage you to try all the decks as each one is different and participants can have different reactions to each deck.

  • Go to the pull-down menu and select which image deck you want to use
  • You can find out more about the image decks and what they are used for by clicking on “See a description of each set.”



B) What prompt do you want to use?

To use one of the well-tested prompts provided by the ImageCenter (Global Prompts).

  • Go to the prompt pull-down menu and select which prompt you want to use
  • The pull-down menu shows only the nicknames for the prompts. You can see the full prompts and their nicknames by clicking on “See the full list”
  • Click on “Set Up the Session”



To quickly create your own prompt and add it to the list

In the “Want to Quick-Add a Custom Prompt?” box

  • Type in your prompt
  • Create a nickname for it (This will appear in the Prompt scroll-down menu)
  • Click “Add Prompt”


Select your custom prompt

  • Select your custom prompt from the prompt pull-down menu
  • Click on “Set Up the Session”


7) View session details

  • Here you can see the details of the session you just set up
  • Click on “Return to Main Menu”


8) Start your session!

From the Main Menu, here’s how to start your session.

  • Click on “Begin/Resume an Activity”



  • Select the session you want to begin


On this page you’ll find directions for how to do the exercise and how to move the images around.

  • Click on “Let’s Begin!” to start the exercise!



Your ImageCenter exercise has started!

Here is what you are looking at:

  • At the top-center of the page, you can see your prompt
  • The gray space in the middle is where you arrange your images in response to the prompt
  • On both sides of the gray area you will see the image deck you selected
  • To get help during the exercise about how to move the images, click on “Instructions” in the top-left of the page. You can also see them on the bottom of the page.
  • At the bottom-right of the gray area is the timer for the exercise. For best results, we suggest you limit the exercise to 5-6 minutes at the most
  • When you are finished arranging your images, click “I’m Done” in the top-right of the page



Please let us know if there are other resources you would like to see added to the ImageCenter.