The ImageCenter is our interactive, online facilitation system that helps you get break-through results for your clients consistently and reliably. It incorporates the use of photographs and paintings, which your clients arrange in response to a prompt (question or statement) that you provide them.

The ImageCenter runs on Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers.

Transform your results

Our customers use the ImageCenter, because it helps them:

Get Faster Results – You’ll be amazed at how quickly breakthroughs are made, unexpected connections are sparked and how completely new perspectives emerge. This system saves you valuable time by getting to what’s important fast.

Form Deeper Connections – You’ll quickly form deeper connections with your clients, because the images surface people’s core beliefs and values giving you insights into what really makes them tick. They’ll be able to tap into emotional pockets not accessible in other ways and you’ll be the guide that gets them there.

Stay On the Cutting Edge – By having an ImageCenter membership, you are among the few that are on the absolute cutting edge. This dynamic system is unique because it is the only one of its kind on the planet.

Enhance Their Reputation – You’ll quickly enhance your reputation as a person that gets results fast and helps people achieve the goals they set. Results are what matter and you’ll be the one delivering them.

Get More Referrals –When your clients start telling their friends and colleagues that you helped them quickly get the insights they needed to move forward, your name just moved to the top of the list.

Typical client results

After doing ImageCenter exercises, participants typically experience feeling:

  • More energized about what they are doing
  • More aware of their core desires
  • More clarity about their goals
  • More committed to their process

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