Here are some handouts that might be useful to you. Some are from the classes here on the community site, others are from face to face events.

Handouts in VisualsSpeak ImageSet Manual

Handout Master with Categories

Heart Image Icebreaker

Other handouts Useful for VisualsSpeak Sessions

Visual Decoder Chart

This is a handout for a fairly advanced set of ideas that offer a way to look at the visual patterns. It pertains more to the the face to face work, in so far as the patterns are easier to create offline, but they still have some relevance. Esp for the more linear thinking styles (since it takes more effort to line everything else, it must be important.) I plan to teach a webinar focused on this soon.

Empathy Map

This is a map that helps you look at a person or role in a holistic ways. I covered how to use it in the class, “Content Chunks and Flow.” There is also a great explanation, and a slightly different version  from the developers of the concept on the GoGamestorm blog.

 Handouts for Preparing Your Sessions

These are the handouts from Course 2/Class 1: Preparing Your Session. There are question based worksheets, two visual templates, and a list of questions you can use on the ImageCenter to help you get clear.

 Handouts to send to your clients

Using the VisualsSpeak ImageCenter Handout

This is a Word document created by Michele Martin (on the Mac- formatting might look different on PC) that she sent to participants before a class using the ImageCenter. It’s meant to be a starting place for you to customize.

And here they are in other formats that may work better for you.

UsingtheVisualsSpeakImageCenterHandout2 (.doc file saved for older versions of Word)

UsingtheVisualsSpeakImageCenterHandout2  ( this is a rich text doc, not sure if the images will come through)