Here at the Resource Center, subscribers can find manuals, supplemental activities, tips, and more! This is a collection of resources from a variety of places/events. It’s a repository, not a place where everything is perfect (maybe someday.) In the meantime, we hope you find things that are helpful to you. We do take requests for topics you are interested in learning more about.

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Underlying every VisualsSpeak tool is the VisualsSpeak facilitation method. In this area, you’ll find articles, audio, and video clips to help you improve your skills.


Our online tool allows you to do facilitation interactively from anywhere in the world, over the web. Here you will find information, tips, and troubleshooting on using the ImageCenter online tool.

There is also quite a bit about visual facilitation in general that can be applied to our offline tools.

ImageCenter Access

If you are a VisualsSpeak customer you can use the ImageCenter for free. Just send us an email info@visualsspeak.com and we will send you a link to get a log in to the system.

Professional Development

In this area, you can find support and assistance for the Building Great Teams, Developing Great Leaders, and Visual Icebreaker Kit tools.


Here, we have supplemental information for the Exploring tools, targeting individual personal development.